Continuously rising fuel costs pose a significant challenge for mining companies in managing rising production costs. With ‘load and haul’ energy costs often representing a large proportion of overall mining costs, finding any efficiencies in fuel consumption can deliver meaningful reductions in overall mining costs.

Remote Energy’s Eco Drive is one such efficiency technology, that supports the elimination of unnecessary haul truck idle. When used in conjunction with a DC HVAC unit, the system provides the markets most reliable anti-idle solution for mining haul trucks. The Eco-Drive allows the trucks main engine to shut off for long periods, whilst maintaining energy provision for batteries, cabin air-conditioning and other critical operating systems. The Eco-Drive provides jump start capability and has in-build air compressor for charging truck receiver tanks, removing the need for a service truck to deliver these services at various parts of the mine.

The best part? Aside from cutting fuel consumption and cost, the Eco-Drive also significantly reduces carbon emissions.

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