Reducing mobile fleet carbon emissions is widely recognised as one of the mining industry’s most significant challenges. The nature of high power, genuinely mobile equipment presents many design challenges for OEMs as they create the next generation of mining equipment. Whilst there are a number of exciting technologies currently under development seeking to address these challenges, for most, there are still several years of development before they can be reliably deployed at scale. We firmly believe the industry cannot sit on its hands and wait for emerging technologies to arrive. There is a place for bridge efficiency technologies to assist with immediate reductions in scope one emissions.

We see that reducing unnecessary fuel burn at idle is one of these efficiency technologies that can provide immediate carbon reduction from the existing fleet. The ‘bolt on’ solution is non-intrusive and requires no OEM truck design or operator control changes. The key challenge with anti-idle solutions has always been reliability and energy capacity to ensure trucks batteries don’t run flat if the engine is shut off at idle. Remote Energy’s Eco-Drive paired with a DC HVAC solves this issue, with unlimited backup power for ultimate reliability. Built-in jump-start capability and onboard air compressors provide additional operational benefits that support the truck’s reliability.

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